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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

As we close on my daughter's first house today, I write to thank you for your very kind extra attention that you have provided over the last two months and indeed, the last two years of searching for the right property for her. In 41 years of real estate and thousands of closing, I believe that I am qualified to spot and identify a company such as yours which is remarkably dedicated to a high level of service, an amazing capacity to go the extra mile, and a much more than casual understanding of buyer's and seller's needs. I am not sure that we would have ever been able to close on this property without your office handling the many extra details with electricians, appraisers, inspectors, etc.

As you know, and very much understand, a person's first house comes with some apprehension, anxiety, and some fretting. Your kind attention to her personally has done much to alleviate any reticence that she may have had, and has transformed this entire process and closing into something that she has looked forward to for many weeks now. As your experience has correctly noted, she will very much enjoy home ownership, setting her mark on the property, and building equity in this much better than average location that you have so patiently found on her behalf.

As we close on the property today, I wish to extend an invitation, send special thanks, and assure you of my deep appreciation for your efforts. Please feel free to use, copy, or disseminate this thank you letter, give out my cell phone, and ask, at any time for me to supply a reference on your behalf to any party you may wish. I again thank you for your efforts and look forward to seeing you in the future as we work to making this a wonderful home for my daughter.


Robert J. Roberts

President-Sage Marketing Group, Inc


We have known Karen since July 2011. Our experience with her has always been extremely positive. Karen is professional, responsive, resourceful and an all-around wonderful person. She is always generous with her time, because she genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients. She creates long-term relationships with the people who buy a property through her. (she jokes: you're stuck with me for life!) And she knows everyone and everything about the wonderful area of Jay Peak/Montgomery...In our experience, Karen has been one of the best agents we have worked with (Canada and the U.S. included). We recommend her services wholeheartedly: she is truly a gem of an agent.

Kathy and Guy

Montreal and Montgomery Center

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